February 2014 building project

February 2014 building project has been a struggle so far. Our contractor has been dragging his feet and avoiding work as much as possible. He is in trouble with several other people for unfinished work. Being spiritually centered, The Singing Stone is prepared to wait and avoid negative confrontations. Some work has been done on the building and we are steadily amassing more materials. We have more doors, beds and furnishings.  We have a good source for lumber to frame up the interior walls. We are planning to put the individual walls together now and assemble them into rooms later.building 2014 046

Our attention is on our Sun Dance grounds. The whole area needs to be cleared and leveled. This is a good time to plant grass seed as well as mapping out the arbour and tipi sites. The wood for the arbour will be collected from the National Forest. This can only be done after the mud dries up, which is in a month or two. we have plenty of help, but we can always use more. If we have to, we will have to put up this building ourselves. With enough participation and willingness of spirit, we can accomplish anything. If any of you are willing to help, contact us at: conjurespirits@gmail.com.

Click here to see our contractor’s reviews.  (The good news is that these complaints have been resolved!)building 2014 047