Spiritual Preservation

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What is the reason for spiritual preservation? In this modern age spirituality is being threatened by the quickly spreading scourge of over rationalization and disbelief. These times not only represent the mentality that goes along with the peak of the industrial age but also the Taming and domestication of the human spirit. With quantum physics in mind one can easily see where our culture is heading. We are actually cutting ourselves off from magic.  With the collective awareness of humankind being focused like a lens, it has caused us to lose sight of the bigger picture. Scientific process is good but it has become a shortsighted and insensitive act. Over intellectualization have dumbed down our emotional intelligence and have left the symbolical mind inaccessible.

This is not just speculation but scientific fact. The art of Anthropology came into being because of the changes in behavioral modifications of Industrialized culture. It is always interesting as well as alarming when a non-domestic peoples are able to perceive things that domesticated people cannot. What is most alarming is that people are not using the same parts of the brain that they used to. Imagination is failing quickly among the children and it has been found that we even hear things differently. Wild animals cannot interpret digital audio recordings like modern humans.

Aldous Huxley’s brave new world is upon us and few can even see it coming. Most people are so excited to have new comforts and luxuries that they don’t care about at what expense. Like domesticated animals, we are becoming more analytical and not necessarily more intelligent. The analytical mind is practically synonymous with sociopathic dysfunction. We all know the difference between a wild mouse and a caged lab mouse, also how the behavior of the buffalo is in stark contrast to domestic cattle. We all know what happens to a wild animal when you cage it, it becomes necrotic, a condition that does not exist in the wild.

We all know about the delicate balance of nature as well as the human mind, what is to become of a species who has lost touch with the symbolical mind. What will happen to mankind with no sense of magic and no ability to assume or imagine anything outside of “rational” boundary’s. The very act of spiritual expression depends on all of these factors, but this is just one of numerous concerns for our possible future.

We owe a great dept to the profound foresight of our ancestors, not just intellectually but through their hopes and dreams for us now. In the same way that people would make sacrifices for rain and abundant crops, they would pray for the availability of food and water for the coming generations. This and many other practices have dramatically ceased. much of our fate relied upon the projections of our ancestors, all of a sudden it is all seen as foolish superstition. Wild attributes can return quickly and intuition is a very powerful force but lets look at what is happening to peoples sense of family and humanity.

The most detrimental thing to spirituality is the domestication of mankind, not just from a mental point of view, but from a physical point of view. It is always interesting to observe a person who has never ventured far from the side walk, while traipsing through the Forrest. It can be very difficult for a city person to move through the brush on uneven ground. In the same way it can be difficult to maneuver spiritually for the closed minded individual. What I mean is the act of non-physical movement.

My greatest concern for the future of religion is our disconnection from nature. I should also add that domesticated religion seems to have no use for nature and is inherently academic. Imagine if you will having to ark weld on the moon to pay your oxygen bills. What would it be like for someone to have robotic implanted body parts to improve ones work skills. These things are not much different than the present. Will mankind manifest an industrial horror for the future. If we proceed without religious freedom and and without a sense of magic we will create a miserable existence for the future.

Regardless of the advent of science, people need the awe and mystery of the spiritual. Magic is hardwired into our system, we need it along with spontaneity and imagination. Humans and all animals thrive with a certain types of stresses and fail under perfected conditions. We had a person ask us if they could take breaks from a Peyote Ceremony because the fire was smoky. I said no, the smoke is part of the experience. If we were to eliminate the fire we would take it’s power away and begin the domestication process. Some scientists surmise that humans may have become intelligent because of the stresses of smoky fires.

We have the opportunity to create a wonderful new world, lets not de-claw the human race in the process. Why are corporations training people to stand in lines? out of convenience? We should reward originality and unpredictably and we should have in mind a holistic and ecological approach to technology. Laws should protect human rights ,freedom of conscience and assembly from domestication!