Moontime Details

The Singing Stone fully recognizes the extreme energy that women carry during Moontime. Divine Feminine physical manifestations of our Creator/Creatrix, our power is so great that we are capable of bringing forth new life. Because Moontime is such a powerful pull, we follow these traditional Lakota Ceremonies as they were passed to us and we do not allow mooning women to attend. The reason for this is because moontime energy would completely take over the intentions of the Medicine Man/Woman and people who put so much effort into creating a Ceremony with a specific purpose. As we have been guided by our teachers, women on their moontime may be present for All Night Peyote Meetings but would need to prepare 13 prayer ties around her waist with the intention to not interfere with the main intention. Ceremonies that consist of only women such as a sweat lodge and non traditional rituals would not include drums, feathers, sacred pipes, or any other sacred objects used in Indigenous Ceremonies for men and women.

Moontime (Menses) is a special time for a woman to enjoy her own Ceremony in solitude or with other mooning women. We encourage our young sisters who have reached womanhood and mothers who are still in this phase to rejuvenate and relax while others attend to children and other responsibilities. We envision a space for Goddesses to retreat together during this sacred time. For now, we have a red tipi which women are welcome to retreat to for however long or short needed.