Peyote Ceremony Details

This Ceremony will take place from 8 p.m. until sunup the next day. The location will be at The Singing Stone home in Crestone, Colorado at 1074 Lariat Trail. For directions visit our MAP. Participants may camp out before or after the Ceremony but be prepared as it is a rustic environment and our building still requires more work to be done. Participants may camp out before or after the Ceremony but be prepared as it is a rustic environment and our building still requires more work to be done. Please R.S.V.P. if you plan on attending this full night of prayer by emailing or calling.

Items to remember:

Potluck Dish (please let us know what you will be bringing)

Plate, bowl, cup, and utensils




Unopened package of tobacco for our Roadman

4 additional optional tobacco for officers

Dress in layers ready for either hot or cold conditions. This is an appropriate time to dress as we would want the Creator to see us. Women must wear a skirt and a shawl is part of this tradition as well. Men should consider wearing a dress shirt. Women, if it is your Moon Time (menses) then please let us know with plenty of time beforehand to make preparations.

We welcome all to attend so please speak with us if you are unable to donate and if you are willing to offer your assistance with work that is needed for our Church. We have to purchase this medicine so some kind of exchange is essential for us to continue offering these ceremonies. This also helps the flow for you or others to potentially experience a manifestation of prayers by maintaining this healthy balance in the universe.

Please call or email with any questions and plan to arrive in Crestone before 8 p.m. We look forward to a beautiful evening in prayer together as we celebrate the fullness and joy of summer. Mitakuye Oyasin!

All Night Tipi Meeting Preparations

This is a time to appear as we would like to be seen by our Creator, Wakan Tanka, or God. Women, this is a nice time to wear a dress or a skirt and shawl. If it is your moon time please let us know and and we will make the proper arrangements. Bring an extra towel and change of clothing if needed for the sweat lodge in case we have one. Some people fast before the ritual but we do not advise this. Avoiding excessive salt the day of can help. If you are Alcoholic, clean out fully as the spirits of the medicine don’t like those kind of ”spirits”.  This ancient ritual will take place in a tipi so please be prepared for hot or cold conditions. Bring a flashlight, blankets,  and a potluck dish to pass for the Ceremonial feast to follow the Meeting.

 We do not allow pets, alcohol, or drugs on the premise. Before arriving it is also helpful to start thinking about what areas in your life are needing attention in order to project those prayers clearly.

Picture 001singing andrea and Chris

In our lineage, an unopened package of tobacco is traditionally offered to the Roadman. We could use help leading up to the Meeting and especially the day of. Please contact us to offer your service in the ways that are best suited. We do not charge for any Ceremonies. If an individual is in great need of help, they will not be turned away because they are unable to make a donation. Putting energy forth through donations of any sort is a balanced way to walk in this world. There are many ways that your donations help to make these Ceremonies flow and for that we are grateful. Medicine must be purchased for this type of Ceremony as well as firewood, Sacred foods, and many other things.

  •  If you bring your children to a ceremony please understand that Federal law prohibits minors from ingesting peyote.
  • If you suffer from Schizophrenia you can expect a safe episode free experience. Peyote does not interfere with medications associated with Schizophrenia either. 
  • Persons regularly using Alcohol and other narcotics will find their experience to be one of discomfort.
  • Federal employees (including military) are federally protected from discrimination as members.
  • If your conscience is burdened with guilt or regret, you may become aware of why you have those feelings.
  • Know too that Peyote is not a cure all, it is the sacrament in a prayer meeting in which we rely upon our prayers to enlist a healing.
  • Also a Native American Church meeting need not include the sacred sacrament of the herb Peyote!


Moontime Details

The Singing Stone fully recognizes the extreme energy that women carry during Moontime. Divine Feminine physical manifestations of our Creator/Creatrix, our power is so great that we are capable of bringing forth new life. Because Moontime is such a powerful pull, we follow these traditional Lakota Ceremonies as they were passed to us and we do not allow mooning women to attend. The reason for this is because moontime energy would completely take over the intentions of the Medicine Man/Woman and people who put so much effort into creating a Ceremony with a specific purpose. As we have been guided by our teachers, women on their moontime may be present for All Night Peyote Meetings but would need to prepare 13 prayer ties around her waist with the intention to not interfere with the main intention. Ceremonies that consist of only women such as a sweat lodge and non traditional rituals would not include drums, feathers, sacred pipes, or any other sacred objects used in Indigenous Ceremonies for men and women.

Moontime (Menses) is a special time for a woman to enjoy her own Ceremony in solitude or with other mooning women. We encourage our young sisters who have reached womanhood and mothers who are still in this phase to rejuvenate and relax while others attend to children and other responsibilities. We envision a space for Goddesses to retreat together during this sacred time. For now, we have a red tipi which women are welcome to retreat to for however long or short is needed. To read more about this energy, feel free to read Reclaiming our Moon Lodge. Contact Andrea Long at 719-937-1331 if you may be starting your sacred Moontime during one of our Ceremonies and she is happy to be of service and help hold space.