Vision Quest Supporter Details

Vision Quest Supporter Details

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Hanbleceya (Vision Quest) is an amazing opportunity to join together in community supporting our Relatives who are out for Vision Quest. We will be praying for them every day with a continuous fire burning. Taking turns tending this fire as well as attending sweat lodges around noon every day, it is sure to be an experience to change your life if you have not experienced this sacred Ceremony as a supporter. We will also be singing traditional songs daily to connect with the Spirits and one another.

When we enter the first sweat lodge to place the questers out, everyone is aware to keep their voices to a minimum and to avoid any physical contact with them. As supporters it is imperative that we are maintaining a positive spiritual focus around the camp. This is not a time to engage in gossip or other inappropriate behavior. It is understood that those going out for Hanbleceya understand that there is a possibility that they may never return. They are making a sacrifice to receive what is needed to live in a good way with all relations at this time. We must not forget to be reverent towards this serious Ceremony and give as much as possible.


If you would like to be a supporter for the vision quest we would need help tending the fire and in the kitchen. The fire is attended to constantly so we would have to do it in shifts. We will be singing songs and praying. Supporters would be involved in the sweat lodges and in the actual bringing the quest-er to and from the Hocoka. Women are to wear skirts or dresses while on the premise.

Supporting for a ceremony like this can be very empowering and profound. It is an opportunity to learn more about these ways and is a prerequisite to preforming Hanbleceya. If you want to support someone who is doing the vision quest and you are unable to attend, you can do so at home. Some find it helpful to keep a candle lit to remember that people are out there and to connect with the sweat lodge fire. Food and water may be put out for the spirits as well as fasting yourself. Supporting a Hanbleceya is not complete without singing!!!

Moontime Details

Moontime (Menses) is a special time for a woman to enjoy her own Ceremony in solitude or with other mooning women. We encourage our young sisters who have reached womanhood and mothers who are still in this phase to rejuvenate and relax while others attend to children and other responsibilities. We envision a space for Goddesses to retreat together during this sacred time. For now, we have a red tipi which women are welcome to retreat to for however long or short needed. To read more about this energy, feel free to read Reclaiming our Moon Lodge. Contact Andrea Long at 719-937-1331 if you may be starting your sacred Moontime during one of our Ceremonies and she is happy to be of service and help hold space.