Yuwipi Details

 A Yuwipi Ceremony is known as a Night Sing. Invocation songs are sung in a darkened room to call upon the help of woodland spirits. Fairies, little people, stone spirits, and animals arrive creating an almost indescribable situation. This ritual is a profound experience of spiritual beings manifesting into the physical.

If you are planning to attend a Yuwip\Lowanpi, there are some details that must be mentioned. Women who do attend must be fully clothed covering shoulders and knees. It is traditional for women to wear a shawl. Men dress casually but we do require shirts to be worn even if it is hot in the space. No shiny objects or electronics are allowed (cell phones, watches, or jewelry). Persons wearing a pacemaker should not attend. Once the door is shut no one may enter the Ceremony late so if you arrive after we begin, you will have to attend a future Ceremony and come on time. Children are welcome to attend and usually fall asleep so blankets and pillows are helpful. Participants may bring a pillow or blanket to sit on as well. There will be no bathroom breaks so try not to drink large amounts of liquid before the Ceremony. It is best to be open to the Spirits reaching out to us but we are encouraged not to reach out to them. If participants know these specific songs then they may sing along or hum along but we do ask to refrain from creating songs or sounds that do not belong in this Ceremony. There will be a pipe that is passed around that does not contain tobacco but consists of local herbs. It is not mandatory to smoke the Pipe and simply may be a blessing each person may take for one’s self.. This experience is one to never forget. We encourage all in need of a healing to attend as well as to mention this rare Ceremonial to those who may benefit.


Moontime Details

Moontime (Menses) is a special time for a woman to enjoy her own Ceremony in solitude or with other mooning women. We encourage our young sisters who have reached womanhood and mothers who are still in this phase to rejuvenate and relax while others attend to children and other responsibilities. We envision a space for Goddesses to retreat together during this sacred time. For now, we have a red tipi which women are welcome to retreat to for however long or short needed. To read more about this energy, feel free to read Reclaiming our Moon Lodge. Contact Andrea Long at 719-937-1331 if you may be starting your sacred Moontime during one of our Ceremonies and she is happy to be of service and help hold space.

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