2017 Calendar of events



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Private Ceremonials are not listed on this calendar. 

We regularly add events and dates so check our calendar periodically or contact us before making plans.


For further information call: 719-588-8181



Saturday 4: North Fort Myers, Florida.

Saturday 25: Cancun, Mexico.



Monday 10: Hanbleceya Vision Quest, posting questers. Tijuana, Mexico.

Wednesday 12: Sweat Inipi, Yuwipi/Lowanpi.

Saturday 15: Tipi meeting, San Diego, California.

Saturday 22: Totnes, England.


Monday 1:Hanbleceya Vision Quest, posting. Budapest, Hungary.

Wednesday 3: Sweat Inipi, Yuwipi/Lowanpi.

Wednesday 10: Glastonbury, England.

Friday 19: Hanbleceya Vision Quest camp, Crestone Colorado.

Saturday 20: Sweat Inipi, posting questers.


Tres Piedras Sun Dance.

Moriarti Sun Dance.




Friday 25-28: Fall Hanbleceya Vision Quest Crestone, Colorado.


Sunday 3-6: Dream Dance, Crestone, Colorado.







2014 Ceremonial Events Calendar

2014 Ceremonial Events Calendar

Please call if you plan on attending events or Email us at conjurespirits@gmail.


April 11: Hanbleceya camp (Vision Quest ) in Morelia Mexico.

April 13: Yuwipi (Mexico).

April 26: Hanbleceya ceremonies come to a close.


Friday 23 : Bear Dance begins in Westfield Wisconsin.

Friday 26 : Bear Dance closes.


Sunday 1: Sweat Lodge 9:00 am.

Thursday 5: Hanbleceya camp (Vision Quest ) begins in Crestone colorado. Sweat Lodge at noon.

Friday 6: Second day of Hanbleceya camp. Sweat Lodge at noon.

Saturday 7: Third day of Hanbleceya camp, Sweat Lodge at noon followed by Song ceremony and Yuwipi Ceremony.

Sunday 8: Last day of  Hanbleceya camp, Sweat Lodge at noon.

Saturday 14: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.

Sunday 15-22: wounded warrior’s Sun Dance, Moriarti New Mexico.

Saturday 28: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.


Friday 4: All night tipi meeting.

Saturday 5: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.

Saturday 12: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.

sunday 13: womens sweat lodge 11:00 am.

Saturday 19: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.

Tuesday 22: wopila inipi 12:00 noon (thank you sweat lodge).

Saturday 26: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.


Saturday: 9-22 Great Britain.

sunday 10: womens sweat lodge 11:00 am.

Friday 22 : All night tipi meeting, Deer Haven, Oregon.


Saturday 6: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.

Monday 8: womens sweat lodge 11:00 am.

Saturday 13: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.

Friday 19: Hanbleceya camp (Vision Quest ) begins in Crestone colorado. Sweat Lodge at noon.

Saturday 20: Second day of Hanbleceya camp. Sweat Lodge at noon followed by song ceremony 3-5pm and a potluck 5-6pm.

Sunday 21: Third day of Hanbleceya camp, Sweat Lodge at noon followed Yuwipi ceremony.

Monday 22: Last day of  Hanbleceya camp, Sweat Lodge at noon.

Saturday 27: song class 3-5 pm. 5-6 potluck.


Wednesday 8: womens sweat lodge 11:00 am.

Thursday 23: mens sweat lodge 4:00 pm.


Thursday 6: womens sweat lodge 11:00 am.

Sunday 16: Tree day Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

monday 17-20: Sundance of peace Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

saturday 22-26 star dance Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Friday 5: Womens’ sweat lodge, mens sweat lodge 1:00 pm.

Saturday 20: All night Tipi meeting, 9:00 pm.

December 31: New years sweat lodge 9:00 pm

2015 Ceremonial Events Calendar

2015 will be the opening of the Dream Society bundle and the revival of the Dream Dance, an event that has waited 120 years.






Sweet Medicine: coming of age for girls.


Saturday 6-9: Hanbleceya Vision Quest camp.

Wednesday 10: All night Tipi Meeting, sundown.

Thursday 11-14: Dream Society Dance, sundown.

Sunday 21: Sundance, Moriarty, New Mexico.








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Events 2013

 Events 2013


1 Saturday: Beginning of Singing Stone Hanbleceya (vision quest). 12:00 noon.

2 Sunday: Hanbleceya. Sweat Lodge at 12:00 noon.

3 Monday: Hanbleceya. Sweat Lodge at 12:00 noon.

4 Tuesday: Closing Hanbleceya. Sweat Lodge at 12:00 noon.

5 Wednesday: Singing 4-6 pm

9 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

11 Tuesday: Red Valley Sundance Tree Day. (Dance continues through 20th)

12 Wednesday: Singing 4-6 pm

16 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

19 Wednesday: Zuya Taopi Sundance Tree Day, Moriarty N.M.

20 Thursday: Zuya Taopi Sundance Begins

21 Friday: Zuya Taopi Sundance Continues

22 Saturday: Zuya Taopi Sundance Healing Day

23 Sunday:  Zuya Taopi Sundance Closing and Give Away

26 Wednesday: Wakan Hoye Yapi Sundance Tree Day, White River S.D.

27 Thursday: Wakan Hoye Yapi Sundance Begins

28 Friday: Wakan Hoye Yapi Sundance Continues

29 Saturday: Wakan Hoye Yapi Sundance Healing day

30 Sunday: Wakan Hoye Yapi Sundance Closing and Give Away


3 Wednesday: Singing 4-6 pm

7 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

8 Monday: Blue Star Sundance Tree Day, Utah

Tuesday:Blue Star Sundance Begins

10 Wednesday Blue Star Sundance Continues

14 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

21 Sunday:  Singing 2-4 pm

27 Saturday: all night tipi meeting

28 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

31 Wednesday: David  Swallow’s  Sundance, Tree Day

August-September Events


11 sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

13 Tuesday: Noon Sweat Lodge

18 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

24 Saturday: All Night Tipi Meeting

28 Wednesday: Camino De Crestone Sweat Lodge

31 Saturday: All Night Tipi Meeting


1 Sunday: Noon Sweat Lodge

6 Friday:  Saguache County Pow Wow Pot luck 6:00 pm

7 Saturday: Saguache County Pow Wow. Grand Entry 11:00 am

Click Here: SaguachePowwow

12 Thursday: Arizona Yuwipi

15 Sunday: Singing 2-4 pm

19 Thursday: Vision Quest Camp begins. Sweat at Noon.

20 Friday: Vision Quest Camp Day 2. Sweat at Noon.

21 Saturday: Vision Quest Camp. Sweat Lodge at Noon and Yuwipi Ceremony.

22 Sunday: Vision Quest Camp Day 4. Sweat at Noon. Give away and potluck.

23 Monday: All Night Tipi Meeting


Friday 4 : New moon Sweat Lodge 5:30

Sunday 13: Woman’s Sweat Lodge 10 am

Friday 18 : Lunar eclipse Grandmother Medicine Sweat Lodge 6:00 pm

Thursday 31: Halloween. Vision Quest begins in Nayarit Mexico


Tuesday 12 – 28 Tamoanchan Nayarit Mexico 

October 31 Opening Ceremony 

November 14 Closing Ceremony Vision Quest

Ceremony November 16 Tree day.

17 to November 20 Sun Dance (Peace Dance).

22 to 26 November Star Dance (ghost dance).


Friday 13: Sweat Lodge 6:00 PM

Saturday 21: Miami Florida Tipi Meeting.

Friday 27: Canupa Ceremony.

Saturday 28: Yuwipi Cape Coral.

Tuesday 31: Fort Myers Tipi Meeting.

New Year's Eve 2013


Cape Coral Yuwipi