Dear Friends,

The Singing Stone would like to invite everyone to assist in our BARN RAISING GATHERING which starts on Monday, July 7th and will continue through the week. Our metal structure at 1074 Lariat Trail in Crestone, Colorado will be used for Ceremonies in the future as well as retreats. If you would like to become a part of The Singing Stone community, take this opportunity to be one of the founders of its conception. It has been almost a year since we hired a professional to put up this metal building and he has not followed through with the completion even though he has been paid. WE ARE DESPERATE TO GET IT GOING and need everyone’s help!

building so far....

All are welcome to camp on The Singing Stone land. We have well water available but conditions are such that you need to be prepared with your own tent, blankets, flashlight, and whatever else you would need to be comfortable. Directions are on our Location page. We need a lot of people to help out physically with getting this building up. If you or anyone you know is familiar with this sort of construction project and wish to donate some of your time, energy, and expertise, we really appreciate it. Please spread the word. Also, help with feeding our workers is needed so we are grateful to anyone willing to donate food or help with food preparations.march2014 016If you are unable to help out at the date mentioned above, consider donating anything that would help us. This will be a communal building so we will need beds, kitchen supplies, furniture, and anything else that you feel would be helpful. Any monetary donations would certainly be remembered in the future when our structure is complete. We will also be needing a full range of construction materials such as sheet rock for the rooms and a good flooring for our Ceremonial space in the center. Other items needed are paint, lumber, plumbing or electrical supplies, rugs, and more. We will be off the grid so any solar panels or other solar equipment is needed as well. We hope to see you during this week in July to connect with each other while working towards this amazing cause for all of our futures. Please call if you have any questions. Mitakuye Oyasin!

                    (719)-256-5307            conjurespirits@gmail.com

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