Hanbleceya List

The Singing Stone

Hanbleceya List

We welcome those interested in going out for vision quest to present tobacco or a loaded pipe to the Medicine Man. Please have a clear intention in regards to the number of days that you would like to be sequestered. Anyone interested in going on the hill must have supported at least one time. We also ask that you assist with wood preparations beforehand. You must supply prepared food, snacks, and/or any other meal items or monetary donations to feed supporters. It is helpful if you have two people to be your “helpers”. If this is not possible then a supporter(s) will be designated to assist you when you go out as well as when you return. Please arrive one or two days prior to the date to be planted. Below is a list of materials needed for Vision Quest.

Large amount of loose tobacco

  1. Fabric for 405 prayer ties (1” apart) in this order around a ball of sage on a continuous string:

    - 5 in colors of your choice of blue, green, and/or purple (small amount of fabric)

    - 100 white (1/3 yard for 2” squares)

    - 100 yellow (1/3 yard for 2” squares)

    - 100 red (1/3 yard for 2” squares)

    - 100 black (1/3 yard for 2” squares)

  2. Fabric (¼ yard each)

    - Black, red, yellow, gray, blue, green, brown, orange, & purple for flags

         – red felt for waluta

         – red for wrapping items

  1. One new star quilt, Pendleton blanket, or animal hide to give away 

  2. One personal blanket

  3. One new knife (cheap/expensive/your choice)

  4. One Pipe (corn husk tobacco may be provided)

  5. One new metal bucket to give away

  6. One new metal dipper to give away

  7. Medicine Wheel

  8. Shell Button

  9. Sweetgrass braid

  10. Sage (one armload may be collected or purchased)

  11. One special feather

  12. Six Chokecherry sticks collected in woods cut to one yard and pointed prior to Hanbleceya

  13. Attire: – Men wear shorts and a good pair of shoes – Women wear a cotton dress, shawl, if desired, and a good pair of shoes

  14. Feast for supporters for after Hanbleceya

  15. Personal food/drink for after

  16. Optional Giveaway for supporters

The Singing Stone has some items available for purchase such as metal dippers, higher quality metal buckets, sweet grass braids, medicine wheels, and shells. Bucket and dipper may be purchased at Big R arriving north in Conifer 303-816-7124. From south in Alamosa 719-587-0435. Orr’s Trading Company in Englewood, Colorado (near Denver) has shells buttons, quill work medicine wheels, and other items that you may need. They are at 303-722-6466.

To do the vision quest one would need to make the tobacco prayer ties. The 405 prayer ties are offerings for the 405 spirits of the Earth (Wasicun pi). The spirits that come will inspect each one ( they may not all come ).  The ties are also a protective device, in that only the 405 spirit may enter. Usually we use just basic cotton fabric. Normally the 405 ties are red but colors can vary depending on the situation. Be sure and contact us about this important detail. The fabric is cut into 2 inch squares.

The string to use may be yarn, kite string, or sinew (waxed nylon). A tiny pinch of tobacco is placed into a cloth square, using two slip knots, the bundle is tied without cutting the string. Keep the prayer ties an inch apart. You should only be praying while you do this, nothing else. It is nice to smudge the prayer ties each time you sit down to work on them. The ties should be rolled onto a small wad of sage as you go along, sort of like rolling a ball of yarn. They can be made in stages or all at once. Be sure the string will be long enough, pieces of string cannot be tied together. So make sure you wind up with one continuous line of 405 prayer ties 1 inch apart.

You will also need to make prayer flags, also known as robes. You will need 1/4 yard of red, yellow, black, gray, blue, green, brown, orange, and lavender. These should be new basic cotton. Also you will need 1/4 yard of red felt of any kind. A small hand full of tobacco is placed into the corner of the fabric and tied into a bundle with string. Each flag will be separate but make sure you leave about 7 inches of string  on either side of the bundle to tie these to sticks later.

Just before vision quest we will take a short hike to gather fresh sage and five forked sticks either chokecherry or juniper. The prayer flags will be tied to these just before the sweat lodge. The sage will be laid out upon the ground within the Hocoka.

For the red felt prayer flag (waluta) you will also need a shell button, a medicine wheel disc decorated with porcupine quills, and a special feather. These will be tied to the bundle in that order. Please contact us if you cannot find some of these supplies.

A metal bucket with a dipper and a plain knife will be needed. An extra quarter yard of red basic cotton fabric will be used to wrap all of these things with sage. All of the items used in the vision quest must be new and unused. You will need a new star quilt or a Pendleton blanket or a buffalo hide. Everything that has been mentioned so far will be given away afterwards, except the sage, which can be used throughout the year as smudge incense. An extra blanket should be brought. This can be a used blanket of any kind that you will not give away.

The most important item for the vision quest is the sacred canupa or sacred pipe. Those people who carry a canupa will use their own. We will provide a pipe (on loan) to those who do not have one. Like the bucket, dipper, and knife, their handles will be wrapped in sage with the extra red fabric.

During the Vision Quest, if you need to use the “bathroom” you will place your sweetgrass braid over the prayer tie string. You will step over the braid outside of the hocoka use the “bathroom” and step back over the sweetgrass braid into the hocoka and remove the sweetgrass braid from the prayer tie string. To avoid all this one should fast from solid foods one or two days before going up on the hill.

In the event of the menses unexpectedly occurring while questing, a woman then is led away from the sequestered area and will be taken to the Moon Lodge. The ceremony ends for her then and can resume at a later date.( We will know if  the Moontime begins ).

Appropriate attire for this event for men is a pair of shorts or underwear. Ladies wear a simple cotton dress. We have sweat dresses and all of the necessary ceremonial equipment available.

Anyone participating in the vision quest would be responsible for providing a feast for all of the supporters. In some cases one would give gifts to all of the supporters as well. Contact us for more details in regards to this. Some of the foods for this are specific and would have to be prepared during the Ceremony. A few groceries to feed some of the supporters are necessary as well (they will participate in a light fast).

Moontime Details

Moontime (Menses) is a special time for a woman to enjoy her own Ceremony in solitude or with other mooning women. We encourage our young sisters who have reached womanhood and mothers who are still in this phase to rejuvenate and relax while others attend to children and other responsibilities. We envision a space for Goddesses to retreat together during this sacred time. For now, we have a red tipi which women are welcome to retreat to for however long or short needed. To read more about this energy, feel free to read Reclaiming our Moon Lodge. Contact Andrea Long at 719-937-1331 if you may be starting your sacred Moontime during one of our Ceremonies and she is happy to be of service and help hold space.