July building project

July 16th Building Project

With the whole frame fully assembled, it’s time to put the siding into place.

July 2014 057July 2014 059

The work parties have been wonderful  there has been plenty of food. Thanks to generous donations every one has gotten enough to eat. Each afternoon the rain seems to bring us to a natural close and each evening we reconvene again for dinner.


July 2014 060                  Today the roof’s frame was fully assembled. We have started on the southern wall and should go up fairly quick. After the sides have been completed, then the roof panels will be installed. We are preparing for the doors and windows to be framed in, as well as the insolation.

we have organized a work party for the completion of our community building. Monday July 21. 9:00 AM

                          For information call us at 256-5307.

                   Food will be catered.

Work Party July 21July 7th building project

Our barn raising is going very well. As you can see from the pictures below, there has been a lot of progress on our building! We are at a point where we are going to need more workers to put up the siding and the rest of the exterior of the building. Bring your drills, gloves, sunblock, glasses, and hats. The food so far has been exceptional. Thank you for those of you who have donated food, money, time, and energy we want to send a big thank you. We could use more help with food preparations and any donations. Jim Haulman has pulled through with his expertise and is fulfilling his promises with great skill!

Nuestro proyecto de construcción va muy bien. Como se puede ver en las fotos de abajo, ha habido un gran progreso en nuestro edificio! Nos encontramos en un punto en el que vamos a necesitar más trabajadores que soportar el revestimiento y el resto del exterior del edificio. Traiga sus taladros, guantes, bloqueador solar, gafas y sombreros. La comida ha sido hasta ahora excepcional. Gracias por aquellos de ustedes que han donado alimentos, dinero, tiempo y energía que queremos enviar un gran agradecimiento para usted. Podríamos usar más ayuda con los preparados alimenticios y de cualquier donación. Jim Haulman ha sacado adelante con su experiencia y está cumpliendo sus promesas con gran destreza!

July 2014 022

here you can see the assembly of the roof frame.

July 2014 024

a high lift forklift was used.

July 2014 027

the food donations have been awesome.

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