2013 Building update

December Building update: With much delay and unusually cold weather, we are finally seeing the assembly of our structure. All the structural building materials arrived in November after the pouring of the foundation. The late delivery of exterior doors and windows was a welcome sight this month. A fork-lift will erect the main beams. After the frame is up, the outer coverings will go into place. This should take some time and also depends upon the weather.

November Building update: We are happy to announce that the pouring of our foundation has begun. We have awaited this glorious moment for so long! All of our prayers are set in stone and have become concrete!

The creation of a form for our foundation began at 8:00 am November 6. The work entailed the placement of all pluming pipes, water pipes coming in and sewer going out. These will be going through the foundation, so it is crucial to our planning. With this type of structure it is important to have a solid foundation, not only figuratively, but literally as well. All the activity has caused us to review the floor plans as well as the activity’s that will make this such a wonderful place to be.


We need building materials!          

 We finally acquired the sink we want and added it to our collection of supplies, So far we have the following:

Industrial stainless sink.

2 Toilets.

Kitchen Cabinetry.

Conference chairs.

Folding tables.

Children’s Dining tables.

2 Interior doors.

We will be needing: 12 more interior doors, Door frames, 2 bathroom sinks, 2 shower  heads, a bath tub, Bathroom Cabinets, Lockers, Gas or wood oven, Gas range, Large pots and pans, Mirrors, Furniture, Rugs, Curtains, Gas dryer, Gas water heater, Solar panels, Solar water panels, Solar Electric inverter and Equipment, Solar Battery Set, Wood stoves, Propane refrigerator and a whole lot of help. If you are interested in donating time, MONEY, supplies or suggestions contact us at  conjurespirits@gmail.com. We need a lot of other things as well, so if you think of what you can contribute, let us know. To give us a monetary gift use the Donation button on our HOME page


Building update :October 22 2013

Well Truck

Well Truck and backhoe

Well TruckView of the mountains behind the well equipment ( Eastern View ).

South East Corner of building

oct 22 051The land has been cleared for the foundation, from this view you can see three corners of the building. In the picture below you can see the excavation from the west.

oct 22 049

120 foot deep\ hit water at 10 feetoct 22 028This is the well itself. It is only 120 feet deep but they hit water at 10 feet. Now they will have to pump out the remaining sand and silt. Then we will have the pump installed. To pump water we will first be relying upon a generator, then we will transition to a solar powered system.


oct 22 026 This view is from the lot just west of us. Here we are looking west. The well will be on the north east corner of the building following the Indian science of vattsu. The Sun Dance arbor will be to the right of the photo.

Building progress October 16 2013

Eastern View from Building site

View from Building site, This will be the eastern view.

Planing the wellPlanning the Well on October 17 2013

Building site 2013

Building site 2013

October 2013 Building update

Well and foundation will begin on the 18th of October. We took this picture in order to document progress.This is the North Easterly view.

Delivery of building materials occurs on November 12

Please help us preserve Indigenous American Spirituality!


Building Project August 2013

 For many years we have planned a ceremonial grounds. Finally we have reached the crucial point when we are able to build a ceremonial structure that we can all use to celebrate the divine. This temple will serve as a home, an office, as well as ceremonial space. At this point we will start leveling and tamping the soil for the foundation. After the pour (Cement) we will erect the frame. then this winter we will finish the exterior. This is a steel building that will measure 80 x 82 feet and it will stand 20 feet tall. At this point our project will focus upon the exterior.

With the continued donations of materials, money and labor, we will forge ahead creating an interior that will spiritually nourish and bless many generations to come. This will house a 40 foot diameter space that will serve many groups in our area.

teepee used for the peyote ceremony

The end result will be a two story retreat house with two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area with 9 bedrooms and a 50 foot diameter ceremonial space!