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The Singing Stone is a Religious Organization dedicated to preserving Native American Spiritual Ceremonies and Culture. We do this through the practice of Indigenous Rites in a Traditional manner. By providing services to the public as a Sacred Community, we aim to help all those who may be interested in experiencing and learning about the Spiritual Lineages and philosophies of The Americas. Everyone will benefit from our project, our county, area businesses, Reality and our struggling Property owners association.


We Cry out for help, so that we may be able to have the facilities and Infrastructure needed to function as a Community of the Native American church. Donating to The Singing Stone will help us function as a Ceremonial Institute and a Spiritual Sanctuary for anyone seriously interested in being immersed in Aboriginal American culture.

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Our grounds will allow Spiritual Leaders and Elders from all over, to conduct a variety Traditional Ceremonies and Pre-Hispanic Rites throughout the year. With the appropriate Funding we will not only be able to Function as a Church and Community, but also create an Indigenous Burial Grounds.

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Help us now in our efforts to restore the Dignity of this Sacred Continent by securing a firm Foundation For the Generations to come. Help us serve the public in a way that can not only remind us of our Ancient American past, but also let us all take part in it. Donate to The Singing Stone, The sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan of Colorado (Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatlan Colorado Corp.) and The Native American Church.


 These Funds will serve to facilitate Vision Quest (hanbleceya), Traditional Song Practice, Sun Dance, Pow Wow (and many other dances) as well as Tipi Meetings, Yuwipi, Lowanpi and Sacred Pipe Ceremonies (Canupa).

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Our goal is also to serve as a Church, but also will be available for everyone in our area who will use it respectfully. We are involved with Veterans, Rehabilitation, Young Adults as well as a Teen Center, we care for the Elderly, and also deal with Interfaith Education.


Help us now and know that these precious American Traditions will stand strong and be supported in a time where Industrialization and domestication threaten them to Extinction. Donate to preserve the Integrity of Indigenous spiritual Traditions of this Continent for the Generations to come!

  •  Legal existence.
  •  Officially recognized creed and form of worship.
  •  Distinct ecclesiastical government.
  •  Code of doctrine and discipline.
  •  Distinct religious history.
  •  Organization of ordained ministers.
  •  Ordained ministers serving after completing a required course of study.
  •  Distinct Literature of its own.
  •  Membership not associated with any other church or denomination.
  •  Established places of worship.
  •  Regular congregations.
  •  Regular religious services.
  •  Schools for ministerial preparation.
  •  Schools and training for the youth.

Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin!

  We are a Colorado Religious Nonprofit, so you can make your tax deductible donations now!

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