The Singing Stone Building Project

 For many years we have planned an Indigenous American Ceremonial Grounds and a Community Space that serves to preserve our native heritage. Finally we have reached the point when we have finished the exterior of the community building that we can all use to celebrate the divine. This temple will serve as a home, an office, as well as ceremonial space. At this point we have basically finished the exterior of the building. We have the water well in place as well as the plumbing. This is a steel building that measures 80 x 82 feet and it stands 20 feet tall.


With continued donations of materials, money and labor, we will forge ahead creating an interior that will spiritually nourish and bless many generations to come. This will house a 50 foot diameter space that will serve many groups in our area.


All members will benefit from this land and be able to enjoy the facilities!

We would like to ask for your donations. Please help us as it will benefit everyone including the generations to come! By donating, you can become an official member and receive a Native American Church membership card. We will have many gifts and privileges for our supporters so be sure to let us know what you have contributed.

 The result will be a 50 foot diameter ceremonial space! Besides providing Community and a space for Indigenous American Ceremonial Events, this building could serve as a Preschool,  School, Teen center, Dance School and Yoga studio.

We might be able to host Holistic Fairs, Celebrations, Seminars and classes. In addition to all of this, we may be able to provide affordable space for other groups, individuals and teachers.

We will be needing donations for the following:

 Solar electrical inverter.

Solar panels.

Solar batteries.

Water pump. 

Hot water heaters

 Plumbing supplies.

 Spray Foam insulation

Commercial kitchen equipment.

Lumber, Sheetrock, Screws and building supplies.


The Singing Stone Community will be open to the public. We will be able to provide education in native spirituality and help the public through outreach. As soon as our infrastructure is in place, we can serve the people by having a regular schedule of Indigenous American Ceremonies and activities.

   ♦ Daily Prayer Circles

   ♦ Weekly Sweat Lodges and Song Ceremony

   ♦ Monthly All night prayer meetings

   ♦ Bi-annual Gourd Dances, Powwows, Yuwipi, and Vision Quests.

   ♦ Annual Sun Dance, Dream Dance and Star Dance (At other locations).