About Sweat lodge songs

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About Sweat lodge songs

Most Lakota sweat lodges are very similar, Most have four rounds and the same basic format. whether the rocks are all brought in at once or what ever, you first set the stage and then you call in the spirits, Just like any thing else. Some Lodges the first round is in preparation for the invocation, in others it all happens first round right off the bat. Next you address the spirits, you pray, ask them some thing or just say hello. Then comes the doctoring or at least, the point where the spirits act, where they move about.


First you call your friends over, then you ask them advice or just talk, then you entertain them and they respond, they can give you advice. Just like having guests over, you’ll probably have to feed them and even get them back home. So it is in the world of invoking spirits, not much different than inviting embodied guests over! The songs follow a logical sequence. my aim in saying all this is not to teach those who want to run Sweat Lodge’s without traditional initiation. Singers are rare though, so I would like to invite you all to learn Lakota Sweat Lodge Songs here! Most Sweat Lodges performed all over are Lakota in origin. Some were passed without proper instructions. Others may have been copied without formal initiation and they should seek a teacher. Pouring water for a sweat lodge without  knowing an invitational song is like trying to drive a car without gas, still  a lot of people seem content doing this. Furthermore, pouring water for a sweat lodge without singing a closing song is like trying to steal a car without gas, It may have serious implications.

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Some individuals fail to appreciate the powers that these traditional songs conjure up. Perhaps they had their eyes closed during the lodge! In this modern world it can be difficult for the domesticated mindset to grasp the concept of invocation, this is understandable.

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All too often the lack of songs in a Sweat Lodge can be attributed to the simple fact that the leader just can’t sing. If that is the case you must find a singer, just like the olden days, you find singers to call the spirits. Learning songs is is not only therapeutic, it can give you the key to the doorway of another dimension. Song has always been the invocation  key in every culture of human kind. One need not take our word for it though, find out for yourselves!

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Knowing the Correct sequence of the sweat lodge songs can dramatically transform everyone present. Some people learn the basics and maybe a song or two.Then they Are transformed into experts almost overnight! Like they say, The one eyed man is king in the valley of the blind. What ever the case may be, it is important to understand that it is essential to formally have received an altar fom a true tradition. Know that these traditions (denominations) do things differently.

It is the singer that is entrusted with the power, the humble voice in the background. So remember, First open the door with a directional song, then, while the door is open, sing individual calling songs. Next round pray and sing prayer songs. Then they dance and heal with dancing and healing songs. Then thank them, make offerings (give gifts) and send them home! This is the same with any ritual anywhere!

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To correctly perform a Sweat Lodge one needs to undergo Hanbleceya (Vision Quest). Herein lies the secret to spirit helpers, the origin of songs as well as the connection to specific ancient lineages. Learn the songs from our song posts, keep in mind the sequence, some song sets we have listed are in order.



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