Lakota story characters

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Lakota story characters

Anog Ite Originally Ite, daughter of Wa and Ka and wife of Tate. Caught in a seduction, she was condemned to have two faces, one beautiful and the other hideous. A figure of disharmony, of turning aside from tradition. She is the mother of the Four Winds and Yum, the whirlwind. Because of her separation from her children, she causes birth pains to women and makes babies cry. She appears in dreams to young women, offering to teach them crafts, quill work in particular, which was a skill in which practitioners did not follow social norms.

Anp Spirit of light, particularly the reddish sunlight of dawn, source-less radiance.

Capa The Beaver Source and patron of hard work and domestic tranquility.

Cetan The Hawk Source and patron of swiftness in action, and inner stamina.

Han Spirit of Darkness Pre-existent to all things, Han and Anp follow each other to exile beneath Maka and return, balancing light and dark.

Hanwi The wandering Moon; created by the Sun to accompany him.

Hehaka The (male) Elk The source and patron of sexuality and intimacy. He is the relationship counselor and can be compared to cupid.

Heyoka , the sacred clown, both a divine entity and the effects of the spirit upon humans. Double-faced, showing joy on one side and grief on the other. He is the source of meteors, and people who dream of Wakinyan often become heyokas – doing everything backwards. These are known afterwards for their healing powers, and powers of dream interpretation, although they go through life terrified of thunder and lightening.

Hihankara (Owl-Maker) A crone Goddess who stands at the entrance to the Sky-Road (the Milky Way). She examines each who approaches, and if they do not have the correct tattoos, she pushes them from the path and they fall back to earth to wander as ghosts. Hihankara is comparable to the Greek Charon, the ferry man of souls.

Gnaska The Frog  patron of sorcery and magic. He is somtimes seen as a greedy trickster in some storys. Gnas means to fool. The Toad, Makpia, has to do with undoing sorcery.

Hogan The Fish patron of water, particularly as a cleanser and purifier.

Iktinike Son of Wi Banished to earth by the Sun for telling lies.

Iktomi, Son of Inyan and Wakinyan, is the tricky spider man, he has the power to speak to all things, living or inanimate. He gave the power of speech to humans and can talk to Wakinyan, He is regarded as heyoka, wise but a prankster, responsible for many difficulties humans have. He panics animals, and can shape shift or become invisible.

Inyan, Stone the Creator. patron of the Arts, original ancestor of all and source of all.  Because there was nothingness, he sacrificed a part of Himself in order to spawn the Universe and have a place to be. This act of self-offering caused him to become stone. His blood is water that became all the rivers, streams, and lakes. He made the Earth (Maka) his wife and created the Wakinyan to be his active counterparts. Iktomi and Iya are his sons. He is the spirit of Wakan Tanka.

Iya, Cyclone An evil child of Inyan and Unk, responsible, directly or indirectly, for all evil in the world. In his monster-like aspect he devours any animal or human and his breath is said to cause illness. Iya, is the brother of Iktomi and amounts only to destruction and sorrow.  Wakinyan is at war with him which started as jealously because Wakinyan was Inyan first companion.

Ka The first woman; wife of Wa and the mother of Ite. Banished to Earth and separated from Wa she became known as Wakanka, a great witch. If she chooses, she helps or hinders those she encounters.

Keya The Turtle patron of health, longevity, and healing rituals, especially surgery. the power of the feminine and protection.

Makpia, is a patron of sorcery and magic, The toad has to do with Rain, and especially with healing and undoing sorcery.

Maka The Earth Created by Inyan from his own substance. Maka was unsatisfied, cold and barren or too hot until Skan created Sun and Moon to follow one another in regular order.

Mato, The Bear  patron of wisdom and medicine. He is known as Hununpa or Tobtob. From him one learns knowledge of herbs, mushrooms, about love, fearless bravery and the language of the spirits. He is a healer, the wisest and is the spiritual archetype of all bears. Mato is said to have created the four legged animals. the bear is considered a two legged.

Mica , Sungmanitu, Coyote Trickster divinity especially involved in Tatanka Lowanpi, the girls puberty rite ritual wherein young women carefully wrap their first blood and place it in a tree so that the spirits of the tree will aid in their fertility. Mica tries to carry the bundles off so that he may control the girl.

Okaga A fertility spirit associated with the South as bringer of the south winds and warm weather. Okaga is the fourth brother of the Four Winds.  He is from the south and he marries Wohpe.

Skan source of all force, movement and power. He is the Sky and the wind is his helper. He sets the universe in motion along with the the order of all things. Skan is the judge of gods and mortals alike. Skan is comparable to the Greek Hermes.

Sungmanitu Tanka The Wolf Source and patron of the hunt.

Sunka The Dog patron of innocence and humility. Divine companion to humankind, He is the one responsible for watching over the humans and is their medicine when all hope is lost. The Dog is offered up to the wakinyan in the most dire situation as mans most valuable thing and then becomes  their most potent medicine as an inducer of humility.

Taku Skanskan The power of movement, one of the powers in wakan wicoh’an saced ceremony. That which causes every thing to move in the yuwipi / lowanpi.

Tatanka The (male) Buffalo Source and patron of plentiful food, health, and general tribal well-being. He is a magician, teaching proper rituals. Tatanka is regarded as remaining within the physical remains of the animal, especially the skull. He is the defender of young women’s first menstrual bundles that Mica tries to steal.

Tatankan Gnaskiyan (Crazy Buffalo) An evil spirit who wreaks havoc upon love affairs, causing fighting, murders, or suicides.

Tate The Wind Created by Skan to be His companion. Tate took Ite as His wife. She bore Him four sons, but was banished. Tate received permission for them to dwell upon Maka. They settle in the middle of the world, where Tate sends his four elder sons to the cardinal points, to establish dominion over them.

Unhcegila An evil spirit that dwells in secret places, resembling a large reptile. Disappearances and mysterious deaths are attributed to him.

Unk (Contention) Created to be a companion for Maka. She is the mother of Iya and Gnas. She was so beautiful that Maka became jealous and sent her away into the  depths of the waters, where she, with Iya, became the progenitor of all evil beings.

Unktehi A group of evil monsters, males living within water and females on land. Dangerous and malignant they cause flooding and contaminate water sources. They are also teachers, instructing humans in body painting for ceremonial purposes.

Wa, The first man; husband of Ka and father of Ite. He aided Ite so was banished to Earth and separated from Ka. Here, he became known as Wazi, great wizard. He helps or hinders those he encounters as he chooses. See Waziya.

Wakan ,  That which gives and takes life, the control of the life force.

Wakanpi General term for spirits, supernatural beings, Gods and Goddesses. Both good and bad, all watch over humans and expect proper ceremonies to be executed in their honor.

Wakan Tanka The Great controler of life. Wakan Tanka is the supreme power of the universe. The term refers on one level to the spiritual powers of the universe assembled together around a council fire. It is a council of spirits representing all of creation, and a single entity. So in Wakan Tanka is the collective power of all Gods and other entities. Together, they are one. Wakan Tanka controls all space and time, and is present in all things.

Underlying Wakan Tanka is the spirit Inyan, who caused all things to be by sacrificing his own essence, thereby infusing all things with it, animate and inanimate.  Wakan Tanka is addressed directly in prayer and ritual, but His influence in the material world is diffused through his elements and aspects.

Wakinyan, Thunderbeings The creators of all grass, living in the west the thunderbirds are winged bird-like creatures and patrons of cleanliness. They are known to have the voice of thunder and the glance of lightning. They are the enforcers of divine law. They offer protection to humans from Waziya. The Thunderbeings are eternally at war with the Unktehi, the monstrous forces of evil. Thunderbirds rule the heyoka.

Wambli The Eagle Overseer of battle and hunting kills and
patron of councils, especially hunting councils.

 Wamani Omini Hoksila The Whirlwind boy , fifth child of Tate and Ite. Has to do with mental health and the mind.  He rules good and bad luck in games, gambling and with love.

Wanagi The soul (nagi) of a dead person, as well as the spiritual aspect of one’s physical self, the body’s ghost. The spirit is a part of the wanagi along with many other things. (The soul in a living person is a Woniya). Wanagi leave the earth to travel the Sky Road (the Milky Way), but first they must successfully pass Hihankara.

Waziya the wicked wizard of the North. He is the north wind, consort of Wakanka, the archetypal witch. He is patron of winter, famine and disease. He also guards the aurora borealis, and controls ice and snow. Waziya is the father of Anog Ite. Waziya was formerly known as Wa (The first man).

Wi The Sun, is one of the four superior spiritual beings. He is Chief of the spirit world, the earth and the inner earth.

Wiyohipeyata The West, Spirit with the authority over all things that happen by night, associated with completion.

Wiyohiyanpa The East Spirit with the authority over all things that happen by day, associated with beginnings.

Wohpe Daughter of Skan and born of that one parent (movement). Wohpe is the Goddess of  beauty, harmony and happiness.  She is the helper of the Grandmother Earth, wife of the South wind (Itokaga). She teaches games, behavior, and dance. She is known as the mediator and the beautiful one. Wohpe means meteorite. She is also known Ptehincalasanwin, She is represented by the color blue and her stone is turquoise.  Another aspect of wohpe is the White Buffalo Calf Maiden, or Pte San Wi. In this form She gives the pipe and seven sacred rites to the people. Her other gift is the calendar.

Wanagi The soul. The soul is comprised of many parts, the ghost, or shadow is one aspect of the soul. There also is one’s reflection, or image,

 Zuzeca The Snake, Can be a bad omen. Represents hidden things, it is the symbol of the divine mother Earth (Maka Ina) along with the Rabbit.