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The Singing Stone inherited an ancient bundle in October of 2013. This bundle was found alongside Ghost Dance equipment and has not been opened or used for the past 120 years. After unwrapping the bundle during Vision Quest Ceremony, it was found to be a Dream Society Dance Bundle. Many ancient medicine bundles are being reopened nowadays because the time has come for these ways to be practiced again. With their mysteries being unraveled they are being put to use in the magical ways which they were intended. This particular bundle and the way that we received it has been truly miraculous. Now is the time for the reemergence of the Dream Society and it’s annual Dance.teepee we used for the peyote ceremony

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The Dream Dance is the initiation and entrance into the Dream Society. This celebration is an dance that happens four years in a row. Those wishing to dance would commit to dancing four nights. The Ceremony begins with a Sweat Lodge every evening and every morning with another Sweat Lodge. Dancers assemble around the sacred fire at dusk and dance four different intervals throughout the night.


Preparations: Through our dreams we will know what animal or power we represent. As participants we may wear body paint and regalia according to our dreams. We do ask that everyone dancing wears shoes that they do not wear outside of Ceremonies such as moccasins or are barefoot. There are no strict guidelines for what to wear. The important thing is to follow the guidance from Spirit.

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Communicating through dreams is an important task for dancers to bring their specific representation into this dance. Ideas to connect to Dream time and to receive a clear message are to make a dream altar, pray, send a letter, or manifest an object from a dream. If clear messages are not received from dreams, there is no need to worry. Everyone has an intuitive connection of the energies to bring into this realm through meditation or by what objects surround us. Participating in the Dream Dance will heighten this vital connection to Dream Time. We suggest that any dancer who partakes of drugs or alcohol refrains from that, in order to help clear the pathways to receive messages. As all with all of our Ceremonies, pets, drugs, and alcohol are not permitted. Each of us is responsible for our own bedding, tent, chair (if needed), and special food requirements.



Moontime: Women on their moon time (menses) would not participate in the Dream Dance. If a woman’s moon time were to come during the dance she would withdraw from dancing or supporting to a secluded place. The Singing Stone supports this important aspect of a woman’s power during this time and there will be a space provided for all women to be in their own Sacred Ceremony.

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To donate food or other miscellaneous necessities please contact Mimi who is in charge of organizing:


 Some ideas for donations are wood, toilet paper, trash bags, disposable plates and utensils, food/drinks.

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We will send out directions to the Dream Dance closer to the scheduled date. Now is the time for the reemergence of the Dream Society and its annual dance. See you soon. Mitakuye Oyasin!

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This dance serves to connect the people to their dreams. By dancing one can strengthen the connection to the animals or powers of one’s dreams by dancing as that animal or power. Dancers would only fast from food that conflicts with the animal or power that they represent. For instance, if someone were representing elk, they would not eat elk meat.


 This celebration is the initiation and entrance into the Dream Society. This event will be happening on the National Forest or elsewhere in our area. Anyone who is interested in joining The Dream Society please contact us. Everyone is welcome to participate or support our Spring Ceremonials.


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