The Singing Stone is a Website dedicated to preserving Indigenous American Spiritual Ceremonies, Culture. This site exists for the improvement of the quality of life and spiritual well being of all who are willing to embrace the Ancient Aboriginal Culture of The Americas. We do this through the support of Spiritual Leaders, Traditional Ceremonies and the teaching of Song.

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  We are involved in keeping the integrity of spirituality. All too often these ceremonies fall into the hands of those who change them for their own means. Exorbitant prices and misrepresented ceremonies have reached epidemic proportions.


Help us now and know that these precious American Traditions will stand strong and be supported in a time where Industrialization and domestication threaten them to Extinction. Help us to reform the misuse and distortion of these practices through education and by example. Help keep Native spirituality free from price tags and exploitation. We want the ethics of these ways to survive along with the ceremonies themselves. 

Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin!

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 If you are interested in learning about Aboriginal American philosophy, or would like to be involved, or if you simply want to experience Indigenous American Ceremony contact us.

Our email address is: conjurespirits@gmail.com .

Check our Calendar for events, Services and classes for the best time to visit.

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If you are a linage holder of any Indigenous American spiritual path, and you can prove it, we can help promote and protect those traditions with you!