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We are a place of celebration, worship, healing, learning and accomplishment. If you are serious about learning and getting involved in the Red Path or simply want to experience Indigenous American Ceremony contact us. Our email address is conjurespirits@gmail.com . Check our Calendar for events, retreats and classes for the best time to visit. Also, see our Location page.  The Singing Stone travels extensively throughout the Americas, check with us about events in your area.

Somos un lugar de celebración, de adoración, de sanacion, de aprendizaje y de logros. Si verdaderamente  desea  aprender y participar en el Camino Rojo o simplemente quiere experimentar una Ceremonia Indígena, puede  contactarnos  a nuestro correo electrónico,  conjurespirits@gmail.com. Consulte nuestro calendario de eventos, retiros y clases para el mejor momento de visita. También, vea nuestra página de ubicación. La Piedra que Canta, viaja mucho por todo el continente americano, consulte con nosotros acerca de los acontecimientos en su área.

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  We are a group of collaborators representing many different walks of life. Located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Crestone, Colorado, we are lucky to share this ancient spiritual lineage in such an awesome and magical setting. We are affiliated with many Spiritual leaders and spiritual organizations. The Singing Stone is not governed by or subject to any political organization or tribal government. As a newly defined denomination of Aboriginal American Spiritual practice, we reserve the right to practice our Religion with the freedom granted to us by the United States Constitution as well as The United Nations declaration of human rights. We are sovereign from all other Indigenous Spiritual groups and individuals in the same way that the Protestant church has independence from Catholicism.  We are committed to serve the public without discriminating against race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. We refuse to support any group or individual that intends on regulating or restricting the free flowing power of Divinity! The Singing Stone is affiliated with The sites listed below. We are the soaring Eagle and the northern root of the tree of life.

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Many of our friends, affiliates and comrades on the Red Road have no websites, here are a few that do.

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