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The Singing Stone is a holy place for the safekeeping of the ancient indigenous American ways, for the eternal fire that roars within all the peoples’ heart, the flame that rekindles the spirit of this land, burning away the illusion of ourselves. Through his crackling voice, Grandfather Fire counsels us with his warmth, teaching respect through tradition and humility with power.

 IMG_0139                                                        Ours is a home of the humble stone, the tipi of a singing rock, where Grandmother Earth, Unci Maka, sings the songs of wisdom almost lost. She tells us the stories from within ourselves, of the White Buffalo Calf Maiden and the secret that she carries in her sacred medicine bundle. She whispers the teachings of the Little People and other things unfathomable to the industrialized mind. She breathes into us the sacred breath of life, whistling through our hollow bones the gales of non-attachment,  the impeccable wind of our ancestors and the dawning knowledge of a bright new world.

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Within this lodge of the sacred breath of life flows the mysterious feminine power of the universe herself. Her teaching flowers from the human soul, its wordless pages blossoming silent wisdom, slowly unfolding the petals of our heart. Her fragrance drifts from a circle without end, an eternal hoop of traditions that we nurture for all of our relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! All of us, we are related.

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La Piedra que Canta es un lugar sagrado para la custodia de los antiguos caminos indígenas Lakota, para el fuego eterno que ruge dentro del corazón de todos los pueblos, la llama que revive el espíritu de esta tierra, quemando la ilusión de nosotros mismos. A través de su voz crepitante, el Abuelo Fuego nos aconseja con su calidez, la enseñanza del respeto por la tradición y la humildad con el poder. Nuestro hogar es de humilde piedra, el tipi de una Roca que Canta, donde la Abuela Tierra, Uncimaka, canta las canciones de la sabiduría casi perdidas. Ella nos cuenta la historia desde dentro de nosotros mismos, del Búfalo Blanco Doncella y el secreto que ella lleva en su paquete de medicinas sagrada. Ella nos susurra las enseñanzas de los Duendes  y otras cosas incomprensibles para la mente industrializada. Ella respira en nosotros el aliento sagrado de la vida, silbando a través de nuestros huesos huecos los vendavales de desapego, el viento impecable de nuestros antepasados ​​y el conocimiento del amanecer de un mundo nuevo y brillante. Dentro de esta casa de campo de la respiración sagrada de la vida fluye el misterioso poder femenino del universo mismo. Sus flores de enseñanza del alma humana, son páginas sin palabras, florecientes, sabiduría silenciosa, lentamente desplegando los pétalos de nuestro corazón. Su fragancia deriva de un círculo sin fin, un aro eterno de tradiciones que nos nutren, para todas nuestras relaciones. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! Todos nosotros, estamos relacionados.


Here at the home of the Singing Stone abounds the magic of times untold. A mystery that is unfathomable to the modern anylitical mind.  It may seem to defy scientific process or scrutiny of any kind. It is an ancient connection with spirits far older than human language. The Singing Stone is dedicated to preserving some of the last connections to these spirit helpers of mankind on the Western Hemisphere. We are doing this by teaching ceremonial songsin the Lakota language, by preserving  indigenous American spiritual practices and by safeguarding the integrity of  these sacred rites.

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The Singing Stone is a spiritual organization dedicated to preserving our native heritage. It is an honor and a joy to share this ancient lineage for all to experience the powerful rebirth of magic exemplified by these ways. One can benefit from true Indigenous American traditions in countless ways, through the learning of songs in the Lakota language, by participating in the Sweat Lodge ceremony, Chanupa (Sacred Pipe), Yuwipi rite, Hanbleceya (Vision Quest), Rite of passage, Sun Dance, Bear Dance, as well as the All Night Tipi Meeting.

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The Singing Stone is not governed by or subject to any political organization or tribal government. As a newly defined denomination of Aboriginal American Spiritual practice, we reserve the right to practice our Religion with the freedom granted to us by the United States Constitution as well as The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are sovereign from all other Indigenous Spiritual groups and individuals in the same way that the Protestant church has independence from Catholicism.  We are committed to serve the public without discriminating against race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. We refuse to support any group or individual that intends on regulating or restricting the free flowing power of Divinity! May 2010 045March 2011 044Sept 09 0182july 2013 101

We are a place of worship, healing, learning and accomplishment. If you are serious about learning and getting  involved or simply want to experience Indigenous American Ceremony contact us. Our email address is conjurespirits@gmail.com . Check our Calendar for events, retreats and classes for a good time to visit ( see our Location page ).  The Singing Stone travels extensively throughout the Americas, check with us about events in your area!card3

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“The reason for this preservation is not to stop the evolution of a native path but to stop the domestication of it. Domestication de-claws it making it an obedient pet rather than a fierce panther that inspires reverence and change.”

“La razon para preservar, no es para parar la evolucion the el camino nativo,  pero sí para parar la domesticación de tal camino. Domesticación, desgarrar es como hacer una obediente mascota, en vez de una pantera feroz  que inspira reverencia y grandes cambios.”

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Crestone, Colorado.

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The Crestone Baptist Church – P. O. Box 189, Crestone, CO 81131 • 719.256.4625

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