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Crestone\Baca, CO


For thousands of years, our home, the San Luis valley has been known to many tribes as the Valley of no bloodshed. For countless generations this land has been a pilgrimage site for vision quest and prayer. This particular part of the valley, The Sangre de Cristo Range, is traditionally known as the Black and White Sash belt ( Mother Earth’s sash ). You’ll see from the map that The Singing Stone property is just West of two large peaks, Kit Carson and Crestone. These two mountains are known traditionally as White Quartz Boy and White Quartz Girl. These are deity’s personified as mountains in ancient mythology Stories.Black and White sash

Small cachets of White shells from the California coast Can be found in the area that were left as offerings by many different tribes. Mount Blanca is otherwise known as White Shell Mountain, it is the Eastern peak of the of the Four Sacred Mountains of north America.  This whole area (know as the Baca Grande) was used exclusively as a graveyard and for Vision Quest. People from all over the the Four Corners Region would come here to make offerings, pray, Meditate, bury their dead as well as to pick pine nuts (when in season).

Vision Quest

This Valley is also known for it’s medicinal herbs. Medicine men and women still gather many plants from the area. Some make the pilgrimage as far North as Canada And as far South as Arizona. There can be found rare herbs such as Osha, Prairie Tobacco, Lady finger Fern, Monarda as well as literally Thousands of others. Chant lotions, smoking mixtures, Mugwort gall bitters and Sand Painting pollens of many types MUST come from this area to be considered effective.

Sanvitalia Aberti

Sanvitalia Aberti

Nicotiana attenuata

Nicotiana attenuata

lithospermum forgetmenots

lithospermum forgetmenots

The focus of this region has all ways been spiritual and still is. The Baca Grande is nowadays considered to be a Mecca for Spiritual traditions from all over the globe. It is the most intense concentration of  religious lineages on this continent. We enjoy collaborating together with the mutual love and respect that comes with Trusting the truth of our diverse traditions, together we form a group known as The Spiritual Alliance.  Visit a few by clicking on the links below.

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A few of the more prominent spiritual groups in the area:

Camino de Crestone  Booking Dates are from June through September in seven-day segments.

Babaji Ashram  The Haidakhandi Universal Ashram is a spiritual community inspired by Haidakhan Babaji and dedicated to the Divine Mother.

Shakti Sharanam Whether you are a longtime yoga practitioner or just beginning on the path, studying at Shakti Sharanam will enrich your practice and strengthen your understanding of all aspects of yoga.

The Shumei International Institute  Inspired by the philosophy of Mokichi Okada, Shumei Internatinal Institute help people of the world realize that they are world citizens able to act for the common good.

Dharma Ocean  The mission of the Dharma Ocean Foundation is to embody, unfold, and widely offer the unique path to enlightenment taught by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, creating a living continuity of the practicing lineage in our time.

Vajra Vidya  Founded by the Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist master, with the intent of having the Center for intensive practice.

Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang  A meditation center and the site of a Tibetan Buddhist stupa in Crestone, Colorado.

Sanctuary House  Sanctuary House is a religious/educational non-profit dedicated to silence, retreat, meditation and prayer,and exploration into the nature of true inner and outer sanctuary.

Crestone End of Life Project is a non-denominational, non-profit organization promoting informed end-of-life choices and supporting their fulfillment.

Spiritual Life Institute   The Spiritual Life Institute community is a group of men and women dedicated to living the contemplative life and sharing that life with others.

Crestone Mountain Zen Center  Crestone Mountain Zen Center is a Zen Buddhist monastic practice and retreat center in Colorado.

Chamma Ling  Tenzin Rinpoche is a master of the Dzogchen meditative tradition of Tibet.

Yeshe Rangsal  For over 21 years, Tsoknyi Rinpoche has been teaching students worldwide about the innermost nature of mind in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

The Crestone Baptist Church – P. O. Box 189, Crestone, CO 81131 • 719.256.4625

Sri Aurobindo Learning Center  Seyril Sohochen founded the Sri Aurobindo Learning Center, familiarly known as Savitri House.

 Manitou   Manitou Foundation  Manitou Institute

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Tipi of a singing rock

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